Highlight closest number


I have a database of users, each earning X amount each month.
I have a table consisting of different levels:


If the user for example has earned 1200$, i would like to highlight the 1000$ row, as 1200$ it’s closest to 1000$ rather than 2000$

Any idea how i could achieve that?

Here is the link to editor: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=salary&id=testthisappcc&tab=tabs-6&subtab=Domain

Basically i would like to highlight from the table the value that it’s closest to current users salary.
In this case, the Silver option

use :rounded to -4

This will round to the nearest 1,000

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I wanted to use it as condition. Just to highlight the text based on that particular conditon
Could you check the editor?

@romanmg do you maybe have a clue?

Hi. I dont have permission to view the editor.

However, the logic on the condition should be something like this:

When Input’s value :rounded to -4 = 1,000 highlight 1,000 row
…and so on for the other 2 levels.

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