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Highlight RG 1 cell on hover of related RG 2 cell possible?

Hi Bubble Community :slight_smile:

I am building a mini no-code tool with bubble. Similar to bubbles interface, I have an Element Tree (RG 2) in a sidebar and the corresponding elements in a preview window (RG 1). The sidebar holds different settings for the elements in the preview (similar to how many form builders work).

Question: When hovering over a cell in the sidebar (cell in RG2) I want that element to be highlighted in the preview (a cell in RG1). Is that possible? (Paid) Plugin would be an option I would consider, would prefer bubble native though.

Best and thank you!

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I’m fairly certain if you had an ID or something that is the same in each, you could hook that up?

I.E. when RG2 Settings is clicked, then do a search for RG1 (put the parameter as the ID that’s the same and it should only locate that one) (you can also, add :first or the similar command so it only picks the first one it identifies), then perhaps back the colour change so you know it works?

Let me know how it goes! - James

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Thank you James. The on click event works, however, I am looking for a solution to do the highlight on hover as shown in the screenshot. Do you know a solution for that?

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Is there not an on hover function instead of on click?

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I think I cannot define a workflow that is triggered on hover, can I? Also, I cannot access the RG 2 cell hover state from RG 1 , thus a condition does not seem possible to me. But might as well be wrong.

@lenn_rt is this the result (GIF) you are trying to achieve ?

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yes :slight_smile:

You should use bubble plugin: Hovered Action.
1- Insert “Hovered Action” element in the repeating group (RG2)
2- For each Button (RG2), setup ID Attribute = current cell index.
3- For Hovered Action (RG2), setup ID Attribute Element = current cell index.
4- Setup a workflow, each time “Hovered Action” is visible then setup a new page custom state = current cell index
5- Setup RG1 Elements (bold, color, opacity…) based on custom state value

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awesome, thank you

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