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Hiring a developer to link external data to internal data

The Task
Business users can upload their daily transaction report CSV files. CSV files include member codes (labeled “Other Tender Note”) that are synonymous with a member user individualized codes in our database. I need to figure out how to link transaction history with users in our database.

I set up the “file uploader” input and the “CSV uploader” plugin element to extract the data (most importantly the member codes) from the Transaction Report File. I am not sure how to link data from the transaction report to our internal database. If anyone can offer a solution, that would be great! I am willing to pay someone to do this or to teach me how to do it.

I have included photos for reference below.


What kind of db are you attempting to connect to?

The SQL Database Connector Plugin connects to databases and runs SQL queries from within Bubble. These queries can be triggered as actions, datasources (they show up as External APIs) or both. Bubble supports connecting to PostGres, MySQL and Microsoft SQL.

I am using Bubble’s db. I upload a CSV to my transaction data type and I would like to link this information to the user data type. I am not sure how the SQL database connector would help in this scenario.

The approach that seems to me to fit your problem would be to trigger a backend workflow at the end of the file upload. That backend workflows would figure out the link between the two things and write in the appropriate link between the two table and for extra points also write to a log table what was done, eg records processed, time taken , any errors found. Make sense? DM me if you want more help.