Hiring a Lead (Bubble) Dev to spark mass corporate breakout!

Hi bubble community.

I’m looking for an experienced developer to join me, as I re-build our platform in bubble in Brighton UK.

Having worked solidly on bubble for over a year building our back-office systems and processes in bubble and testing some user facing front-end stuff in Bubble, I’m now hiring our first in house bubble developer.

They will join me in Brighton (UK) as we continue to re-build our entire platform that aims to help 1,000,000 quit their corporate jobs and do something different with their lives!


  • We’re a small team of 10 people that run 2 main-products (a job board & an offline school that helps people quit their jobs and launch their ideas / find career direction).
  • As co founder, i’m the only semi-technical person in the team and need an extra pair of hands as we rebuild
  • We’re using bubble because as a non-native-developer i’m a big believer in this platform and the way no/low-code tools are going. Have also been burned so many times building custom software with developers.
  • We’ve been going 9 years
  • We have 500,000+ members / subscribers
  • $1m+ in revenue
  • All back-end systems & processes have now been built in Bubble by me which has hugely increased our efficiency as a business and tested what Bubble can handle!
  • The current user facing platform (escapethecity.org) is still on our legacy platform (NOT bubble) while I re-build it in bubble.
  • The future front end tech stack is a mix of a custom front end solution & bubble. Making use of auth0, algolia, sendgrid etc…
  • Ideally this is a full-time long term position rather than a freelance gig. Also would 100% prefer working next to each other rather than remote.

If anyone is interested let me know.

Here is the role:




Ah, that’s probably why I instantly recognised the brand name. I think I read about you a while back - probably on a bootstrapping or no-code forum/blog. Great to see you here on Bubble and to see that you appear to be going from strength to strength.

All the best with your search and with the venture.

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