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Hiring a No-Code Development Associate - Lost Sheep Advisory

Lost Sheep Advisory is hiring!

Come join a leading Fintech No-Code Consultancy!

About You

Your goal is to create applications for clients using no and low code tooling, primarily On any given day, you might spend the morning implementing an open banking integration for a consumer lending startup, then in the afternoon you’ll polish the user experience of a signup flow for a climate fintech product. Along the way, you’ll get feedback from other Lost Sheep Advisory team members, meet with clients to demo new features and get feedback, and respond to questions and requests for support about Lost Sheep Advisory plugins. In your spare time, you might work on a new blockchain-related plugin for, or learn about a new low code tool that will help us move faster. You have a keen interest in the financial and business world, and could spend every day learning about and working with different products, companies, and business models.

If the below describes you, we think you’ll be successful in this role:

  • Seeing software you built working brings you satisfaction every time, even if (and especially when) getting to that point was challenging.
  • You have the equivalent of at least a year of formal undergraduate computer science education. This could be from college coursework, a coding bootcamp, your professional experiences, or from a series of online classes. We don’t do much “coding” - but you need to understand the basics of how computer logic works.
  • You are a curious learner, constantly asking why and taking the initiative to try to answer your own questions.
  • You are an effective and independent professional who actively seeks out the next step of a project rather than waiting to be told what’s next.
  • “Software is Eating The World” is a phrase you believe to be true, and you believe no-code platforms can help bring software to problems that have so far gone unsolved.

You should have one or more of the following - if you have more than one, it just makes you an even stronger candidate:

  • Fintech experience. You’ve worked on products involving Open Banking (especially if you’re familiar with Plaid), Payments, Blockchain, Wealth Management, or Accounting/Taxes.
  • Consulting experience. You’ve worked in a Client-Consultant relationship, especially one involving delivering technology products. This could be from a role as a solutions engineer for a SaaS company, a junior consultant at a large consulting firm, or a developer at a product development agency.
  • UI/UX design experience. You know what goes into creating beautiful, usable products, and enjoy not only designing them but bringing them to life.
  • Knowledge about We primarily work in Bubble - if you have used it before, all the better. If not, we’re sure you’ll learn quickly.

About Lost Sheep Advisory

Lost Sheep Advisory is a boutique no-code consulting firm specializing in FinTech and Business Operations solutions. We aim to be a different kind of no-code agency that focuses on building businesses enabled by technology (instead of the other way around). Having been clients ourselves, we know the pitfalls of working with a consultancy or agency and try to avoid these traps when we work with our clients. Lost Sheep Advisory’s primary offerings are project-based application creation (usually MVPs of new products) and Fractional CTO services give early stage clients access to expert technical and product leadership.

Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Publishing and maintaining the highest-rated and most fully-featured Plaid plugin for We are THE experts at integrating Plaid into Bubble apps.
  • Developing and launching, a climate finance product that helps individuals engage in the climate crisis. This product is fully owned and operated internally, in parallel to our consulting work.
  • Serving as Fractional CTO for clients in the Accounting/Tax and R&D Software space.
  • Building consumer lending, real estate blockchain, and personal financial management apps for clients.

Lost Sheep Advisory’s Principles are:

  • Ownership: Treat the client’s business with the care and consideration we’d expect if we were in their shoes.
  • Expertise: Clients work with us because we’ve previously overcome the challenges they are facing, and know the way through.
  • Empiricism: Certainty derives from previous data - make bets accordingly.
  • Realistic Optimism: Realism in Actions & Optimism in Thoughts.

Learn more about us at

A Few Details

Compensation. This role pays $50,000 per year base salary, paid weekly. It also comes with a 3% equity stake in the company, vested over 4 years with no cliff. Lost Sheep Advisory reimburses up to $300 per month of your health insurance premium (which you can purchase on exchanges or from other sources).

Working Arrangement. Lost Sheep Advisory is a fully remote company by design. We offer an Unlimited PTO policy (and we actually expect you to take time off).

Limitations. Only US residents with a valid work authorization should apply.

Interview Process. The process consists of an initial 30 minute video call. This will be followed by a one hour skills exercise to be completed within a few days. Finally, a successful candidate will complete 90 minutes of additional video calls with the team.

How to Apply

Send an email to [email protected] Briefly summarize your interest in this role, attach your resume, and provide links to any relevant work you’d like to share. We’re committed to responding to every application we receive within 7 days.

– No Recruiters Please –