Hiring Bubble Certified Devs

:rotating_light: Calling all Bubblers rock stars! Cheers is currently looking for a talented Certified Developer to join our innovative team. Are you, or know any of them?

Apply on Linkedin here

About the Job :rocket:
We are seeking a Bubble Developer to play a crucial role in enhancing our platform’s capabilities, ensuring it remains intuitive, scalable, and cutting-edge. You’ll collaborate with a team of dedicated professionals to drive innovation and streamline the contract management process for companies worldwide.

About Cheers :tada:
Cheers, a pioneering legaltech firm based in London, is on the lookout for a talented and innovative Bubble Certified Developer :star2:. We specialise in simplifying contract management for SMEs, empowering decision-makers such as COOs, Project Managers, Sales Managers, Accountants, and Account Managers with efficient, secure, and user-friendly solutions. In a glimpse, we bring together LATAM with Europe through contracts easy to create, negotiate, and manage. Let’s transform the legal landscape together!

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If being certified is a requirement for the role, then you are definitely going to miss out on some top talent.

From my discussions with developers who have taken the certification exams, I noticed the exam doesn’t really emphasize on experience. Someone with 2 months of bubble dev could pass the exam, (not saying the exam is easy).
But I imagine when hiring you are looking for experience and not someone who passed an exam.

Just my take…