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The Idea

Spotify is the leading music streaming service but caters to individuals listening to music alone. Often, I find myself listening to music with friends and trying to find songs that everyone likes. I think that, using Spotify’s API, we can build an application which offers features geared specifically for groups.

In this app, there will be two user types: hosts and listeners. The host will launch a listening party that listeners can join. The host will sign into their Spotify account through my app and be the person who is playing music at the party. Listeners will join the hosts listening party and add songs to the listening queue.

Spotify allows users to queue up songs to be played, by modifying the Host’s queue, my app can achieve a more collaborative listening experience.

This Job

While I think there are many ways to improve Spotify’s group listening experience, for this Upwork contract, I really want to keep it simple. I would like an application which can be accessed from a phone where a user can sign into their Spotify account and launch a listening party. Other users can request to join the listening party. Once in the listening party, users can modify the host’s listening queue. Front and back-end work will be required but should be minimalistic. At this point, I want to test the idea with friends and family before investing in it.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. User can link their Spotify account to the app

  2. User has the option to launch a listening party or join a listening party

  3. Once a listening party has been launched other users can join the listening party

  4. Host of listening party will have their listening queue updated through app

  5. Non-host users can search through Spotify’s catalog and queue up songs on host’s account

  6. Host can end listening party and remove access form users

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Carter W

Discord already handles these use cases.

Hi Dillon,
What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be happy to help you out on this.
You can reach me on [email protected]
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As an app developer at AppClues Infotech, I have worked on many music app projects and developed apps using the latest technologies and features.

I have a great experience with how to develop music apps like Spotify. To hire app developers for your app projects send your requirements at [email protected].

@dillonjmartin95 , is there any great competitors to your product, except Discord? I’ve just realized that I want to buy this kind of solution. When I listen to music that I really love, I want others to also see what music I listen to.