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Hiring Bubble Developers in India

Looking to hire a few bubble developers full-time (or part-time) based in India. Please send me a DM with your portfolio and all the details you’d like me to know. Bonus points if you’re a fullstack developer or at least a backend developer rather than only a bubble dev.

Please also include where you’re based in India, we have a few big projects and would ideally want you at the office initially (not a dealbreaker)


Please check DM

Hi Rohan, I am based in New Delhi. Looking for a new job. I would love to know more about the job, and how I can apply.

Hi @singhsahib please share your portfolio in DM, thanks!

Rohan how do we connect with you. Keen to share our details.

Share your details in DM

Thanks for the reply Rohan, for some reason unable to DM< may be i am missing something, do guide.

@gkadkol, you should be able to send a direct message now. Click on Rohan’s profile and look for the blue Message button.

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Mike, thank you. yes i can see it now.