Hiring: Bubble Video Content Creator

Cranford Tech is hiring a Content Creator (Video) to create videos for our YouTube channel.

About Cranford Tech
Founded in 2022, Cranford Tech is a leading provider of Bubble plugins. We pride ourselves on building high-quality, useful plugins and providing top-class customer support.

Key Responsibilities:
As a Content Creator (Video) at Cranford Tech, you will:

  • Record video tutorials for the Cranford Tech YouTube channel
  • Build mini demo apps to be used in the tutorials, if necessary
  • Edit videos to ensure they are engaging and informative

A written brief will be provided in advance of each video recording. Most of the videos you create will focus on demonstrating how to use Cranford Tech plugins. Additionally, you may also produce content that provides general tips and best practices for using Bubble.


  • Some experience with building apps with Bubble
  • Fluent English
  • Attention to detail

The following skills/experience would be a positive, but are not required.

  • Previously recorded videos for YouTube (or some other platform)
  • A confident speaking voice and the ability to explain technical concepts clearly
  • Familiarity with video editing software

If you don’t tick all of these boxes but have some experience with Bubble and are interested in the role, I encourage you to apply.

This is a freelance position. You will be paid $150 / £120 for each 5-15 minute video tutorial. The initial plan is to create 3x video tutorials per month, but there is potential for this to increase over time

Other benefits include:

  • Flexible, remote working: work wherever & whenever you want
  • Learn about YouTube content marketing

How to Apply
To apply for this position, please email me (alex@cranfordtech.com) with the subject line ‘Content Creator Position’ and the following:

  • Your CV
  • A link to any piece of video content you’ve recorded (it does not need to be Bubble-related or even a YouTube video)
  • Links to any Bubble apps you’ve built or worked on

The Interview Process
There are 3 stages to the interview process:

1. Email application
As described above.

2. Video call
A 15-30 minute call via Google Meets to get a sense of how we would work together.

3. Trial video recording
I’ll give you a written brief for a video tutorial to record. The goal of this exercise is to simulate the conditions as if we were working together. You will be paid for this video.


Hi Alex,

Check your emails please, I sent you my informations.

Hi @tetedikaakwa, thanks for your interest in the position!

I’ll be reviewing all applications over the next few days. I’ll get back to you with feedback once that process is complete.