Hiring for multi select filtering /uploading a variable product

Hi all,

I am building a marketplace for clothing, I’m really stucked on 2 points

  • I need help with multi-select filtering (ie : I need the user to be able to select among different colors, categories, size, if the delivery is free…).

  • I also need help allowing the user to set up a variable product with different size and color options and matching images (just like Spotify or Wordpress)

The visual part is already done, it’s just the programming left I guess.

Please tell me your price ?
I’m also opened for charity work :smiley:

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I can help you with it, can you DM me you issue. I will not charge you. I will do it for free.

You can use dynamic name feild on the place of constrain. So your user can dynamically filter things.

Hello @graziellamk

multi-select filtering should show exact matches or any matches?

Can you please elaborate what you mean by variable product.

Hello , it should show the exact matches any time a filter is added to the list

Hello Graziella, I have developed a platform for micro-gigs on Bubble for this kind of request. You can ask for help with no-code development, or you can help other users with some micro-jobs. Take a look! :slight_smile:

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