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Hiring Help - Stripe Checkout, SAAS Options


After much research and conversations (involving Stripe specialists and Bubble :smile: ) - the use case for our project cannot be 100% fulfilled by Bubble’s Stripe Plugin, nor Stripe’s nocode options (payment links, customer portal).

This leaves some gaps requiring coding options, so we are looking for someone to help close these gaps.

Example, Bubble’s Stripe Plugin does not work with Stripe Tax Automation
Whereas Stripes nocode payment link also won’t work with Stripe Tax Automation - however a Stripe Checkout Session will (coding required).

Example, Stripes Customer Portal will work for SAAS purposes, but is limited to only updating CC payment types, to offer more payment types (for changing to) - coding is required.

Anyone interested, please PM and we can discuss all the relevant details accordingly, thank you for your interest