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Hiring immediate help for live 60 minute session $110-$125. (USD) Please view my layman's code to see if you can help below

I feel as though my program is so simple and the answers are in front of my face but I have been stuck on this one part for days.

Please view my code in this editable google drive link. This is a 360 of the program I want to set up.

I am using the plugin for TinderLike and currently I am having issues uploading images as files and formatting them so they can display in the tinder swipe as images, but this is only 1 of many things I want to accomplish.

I used boston85719 methods + comments help to get this far

I replied on your other post. :blush:

Here: PLEASE help hiring live 60 minute session $110-$125. (USD) Please view my layman’s code to see if you can help below - #2 by J805

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What is your email to book?

My site is You can just click Book Now and choose either a 1-hour or 2-hour session. Then it will take you to my live calendar. :blush:

I’m fully booked this week already though. If you need someone more quickly, you can try the Coaching page here: Coaching | Bubble

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hopefully you’ve got your problem sorted but if you haven’t you can book me through here
I’m in New Zealand time zone GMT + 12 so quite handy availability for people who work non standard office hours!


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