Hiring someone to solve my app problems within 12 hours

Hi everyone!

I am facing 4 problems with my app, I need someone to solve them for me. The deadline for delivering this app is within almost 12 hours. The price is negotiable, please contact me ASAP. Even if you see this after 12 hours please contact me, I might be able to talk to my instructor to extend the deadline.
Here are explanation videos for the problems:

Big thanks in advance

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Here are my guesses:
Problem 1 - try add https:// to the beginning of the link you’re navigating to.
Problem 2 - Trying using options instead of text in the dropdown, set the date first, and then show the options (as a dynamic setting) and filter out all options that exist as selected in other dates with the same doctor.
Problem 3 - Are you sending the appointment or the patient to the popup?
Problem 4 - You can limit the dropdown to the first item, or sort it by appointments by it’s date and pick the first one, or filter it by the patient’s existing feedbacks and remove those doctors from the list “:remove list”.

Just guesses…

Did it work?

No it didn’t

now it is showing me this:

so any ideas???

What kind of files are you trying to show?

Looks like you have an extra space after the ‘https://‘

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