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Hiring - Sydney Full Time Bubble Developer

Hi All,

Brief 3 point introduction.

  1. My name is Andrew - helped found shinedrink three years ago. Able to achieve fastest growing beverage in Australia for that time period.

  2. Business partner Dr Sam Prince (founder of Zambrero - 200 QSR Mexican chains, and one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs)

  3. Starting a new tech venture - looking to change the retail, restaurant and hospitality game.

Looking for:

  • Full time Bubble developer to help build product quickly to test

  • Individual needs to have an entrepreneurial bend - Will also be teaching you the entrepreneurial principles Sam has learn’t through his 7 different ventures.

-Must live in Sydney. No remote work.

If interested please email [email protected]

This is a very unique opportunity and I’m looking for those willing to push themselves to do their best work.

Melbourne is not an option?

It’s all red flags for me. You are asking chad to move to Sydney without asking for a portfolio or a personal meeting? I wish you all the best and hope you find a good developer.

Funny “About Us” page.

Hi Codeables,

More gauging level of interest in the open forum. If people are interested, I then take conversation offline to find out more.


Thanks gnelson. For some reason the plugin which pushes the website to maintenance mode in wordpress stopped working. The site isn’t finished / meant to be live yet.