Hiring UI / UX focused Bubble developer

Hi all,

We are looking to hire a UI / UX focused Bubble developer to work on a SaaS app redesign project with the potential of transitioning to a full time position. The project will include:

Core Deliverables

  • Creating company brand guidelines / styles
  • Website redesign (Wordpress, Elementor)
  • Bubble app redesign

Required Skillset

  • Extensive UI & UX experience
  • Bubble specific UI Building
  • HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge in relation to building out more custom UI features
  • Bubble certified developer

Preferred Experience

  • Experience with Apex charts / dashboard UI
  • Experience building Calendly style booking systems

To apply please fill in the form here - https://forms.gle/1s3gbF8QpEra7njJ7

If you have any questions feel free to DM me here.

Many thanks!


So because of a title I don’t qualify? :slight_smile:

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IMO the Bubble certification is a good easy way to help ensure team members working on an app are familiar with the core Bubble concepts, it doesn’t take long for anyone to complete and it is part of due diligence before allowing someone access into the environment.

Open to discussions with people who don’t yet have the certificate, but would give more preference towards those who have it.



What took me away was: Website redesign (Wordpress, Elementor).

I moved to Bubble to get away from WordPress haha.

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Hi @Oliver-wholegraintech,

We can absolutely help you in finding and matching to the perfect one. We have over 600+ Developers 100+ of whom are Certified Bubble Developers offering their services at different hourly rates depending on their skillsets and years of experiences that would surely meet your requirements and budget with your project in Bubble. Kindly check my DM as well. Thanks.

@jayson Your only posts are just you trying to get every single job on here, nothing else. You might want to try actually being part of the community before trying to convince others you’re a valid candidate.


Wordpress is still much much better for SEO, so unfortunately we gotta stick with it and need this role to own that. Not opposed to rebuilding on webflow if it made sense, but can’t be done on Bubble.

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I can agree with that, but it’s not better than React SEO :wink:

Well it wouldn’t be so problematic if he wasn’t just referring people to another marketplace. Like, why post on the forum to be told to post somewhere else to find someone :laughing:

It’s just this part that makes me question things. Quite a team if you ask me… not sure why he’d need to make a bunch of replies to these types of posts. Obviously they’re make-believe but still.

Hey @GH5T @georgecollier @jharadketon,

We are a Bubble Agency too. A hybrid between a freelancer platform and a software development agency. We are offering almost all types of services that could give benefit to all bubblers and bubble users. This forum is for everyone. Not just for someone or limited group of individuals. Kindly respect my post as I respect everyone too.

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So, about the UI/UX role…


Intense :flushed:

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