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(Hiring) Visitor tracking help

Looking to hire someone who has knowledge of building an extensive visitor tracking feature into our app.

We will be using to send emails, track opens, track when a visitor accesses our website of funnels even if it’s not from an email or custom link and more.

The perfect candidate will have in depth knowledge of:

  • visitor tracking
  • Different identification methods for long term tracking
  • Knowledge of JS library’s that may be useful or how to code it natively
  • Multi check verification that requires multiple points to be matched.
  • Knowledge of tracking not only with cookies as with iOS14 they expire in 7 days but other methods as well.
  • Someone with a data science or intuitive data background preferred.

Note: IP tracking or cookies is not enough due to IPs changing on mobile networks and cookies expiring in a short timeframe.

Note: we are building natively so Google analytics, Facebook pixel, etc are not good enough answers unfortunately.

Willing to pay for either consultation to lead us in the direction of getting this accomplished or hiring someone to set this up.

Send me a message and reply here letting me know you sent me a private message with your expertise and similar projects you’ve handled within this scope or why you think it’s a problem you can help us handle even if you don’t have past projects with this scope.