Histogram Chart from a List of Numbers


I have a list that has a ratings that a user has received ranging from 1-10. I want to draw a histogram representing the number of each rate. For example rating of 1 with a count of 3, 2 with a count of 4 etc.
I have the chart element plugin from bubble and I am using bar chart but can’t figure out how to group my x-axis into ratings and have the bars representing counts for each numbered rating.

Here’s how I build my histograms. This is an example of a decimal field called bell_percentage that I want to view on a distribution chart.
Series Data
List of numbers:
grouped by bell_percentage (type=bucket, set bucket interval=0.1, starting=0, do not skip, and ending value=1), aggregate=count
's count

Series category
List of numbers
:grouped by bell_percentage (type=bucket, set bucket interval-0.1, starting=0, do not skip, and ending value=0), aggregate=count
's bell_percentage (formatted as percentage)

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