Hitting Max Capacity Consistently on Free Plan with NO USERS

I am the only user on this app. I have a calendar element that is utilizing a crazy amount of resources on page load that I am a bit worried about will impact real-world use.

Does capacity get substantially better on a paid plan? There is no information I can find about capacity ANYWHERE and I am worried this app will be broken when more than two people use it at the same time.

After using a “BOOST” in the settings screen, I was able to improve performance significantly but I do worry once things roll out on a paid plan. We’ll see…

Why not use an embedded calendar from third-party API?

I’m trying to do as much as possible within the Bubble environment. Calendars are possible, but do require use of the Expression plugin. I try to use as few third party resources to ensure optimal functionality. However, I would be willing to consider a 3rd party API if performance is still an issue. Do you have a recommendation?

Sure thing, have a look at https://help.calendly.com/hc/en-us/articles/223147027-Embed-options-overview and https://developer.calendly.com/

A calendar is often times underestimated but it requires a lot of development to get it working. To prove your idea using a third party calendar is a smart move.

Thanks! The calendar element I am using is user-dependent and requires it to be dynamic for each user. AFAIK calendly only applies to one singular user.

The other API I considered was timekit.io but it is far too expensive.

Have you tried sending them a message to discuss the pricing?

I’d need a 90-95% discount in order to even consider their service. Until I generate any income, my workaround is much better for the time being. Maybe down the road I would consider it, but even then their pricing is astronomical.