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Hi Bubblers,

I’d love to be able to honor users, who command-click to open some page in a new tab. But I don’t know how.

On my frontpage I list a number of cities. I’d like to accomodate a use-case where the user is interested in say five cities, and wants to open them in five separate tabs by holding CMD while clicking.

Is there a way to do this?


Hi Kristianravn,

For this you can download the Plugin ‘URL Actions’. When an element is clicked, start workflow: open in new window.

hope this helps and this is what you meant.
happy bubbling,

Hi TipLister,

That is a very helpful plugin, but not entirely what I’m after.

If you go to cnn.com and click any link while holding cmd it will open in a new tab. I wan’t to mimic that possibility, but if you try the same at my app, then the link opens in the same tab.

I’m not even sure what this behavior is called :man_shrugging:

Thanks anyway,

sorry, I meant new tab, not window.
Are you sure you do not mean this?

Yeah, I mean new tab :slight_smile:
This thing is, I want it only to open in a new tab, if user holds CMD while clicking, so I can’t do it in a workflow - that would mean that it happen regardless of CMD being pressed.

Ok I think I understand: Use a link element (with the box “open in a new tab” not clicked). Make the text empty, but send it to front, so that if someone clicks an image/text they are actually clicking the link element on your app.
If you are also sending info in the link, select, “send more parameters to page” and eg write cityid=current cells unique id. And in the receiving page, use the dynamic data Get data from page url with the parameter being cityid.

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It works - I totally thought I had phrased my question badly again, but you are totally right and it works. Thanks!

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