Horizontal alignment button unresponsive

Hi Community, New user to bubble here. I’m a bit stuck at being unable to centre text horizontally, container layout is set to column. As shown in the video, i’m able to centre the button created in the same container, but when i click on centre text, it’s unresponsive. Would someone be able to help?
Here is a link to the screen grab: Watch Screen Recording 2024-03-26 at 11.33.24 AM | Streamable
much appreciate for the help.

You should also center align the text here:

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thank you so much! it worked

You have found the solution but I think it’s good for your understanding to know why it acted that way.
The misinterpretation comes from the fact that your text is in fact that whole rectangle element.
This is it because it does not have Max Width or is not set to “fit width to content” (look at the parameters to the right).
By default it will take the maximum space available.

So right now the text is as wide as the group element it is in. So it is as wide as the page.

There are several solutions :

  • center the text as explained above by @hergin
  • tick the “fit width to content”
  • within the text itself go to “Rich text editor” and from there you can also center the text (not very recommended)