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Evening, I’m trying to mimic the search page on twitter where you can scroll horizontally right to left to switch pages.

This would require both of my pages to be visible at all times, but for one page to be outside of the device viewport.

I’m trying to do this because one of my pages has a whole lot of masonry grid photos sort of like the instagram explore page, and I just don’t like the user experience of having to constantly compress all those photos when hiding this group via states and // or an option-sets based app shell, since this group is constantly fetched and forced to reload.

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You should check out a post from recent when another user posted a tip about how to preload images via HTML elements…it went into great detail about how they preload images and have a solid improvement in speed at which they are visualized.

I’m not familiar with this. Are the pages scrolling between a search page and a selected result? Or are they scrolling between two ‘pages’ of search similar to pagination feature?

Are you using workflow action ‘hide’ element or are you using conditionals to change element is visible property?

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To add to Boston’s answer, you could use this type of plugin to swipe properly between the different panes: Repeating Group → swiper

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