Horizontal scrolling page like Trello?

How can we make a horizontal scrolling page? I am trying to create a Kanban board and instead of using a RG, I am hoping that some CSS code can help.

Also, while we are at it, how do I allow the user to create a new stack/list like Trello does?

Demo Gif - https://i.imgur.com/9J1ppXp.gifv

Why would you skip RG? Make your RG scrolling horizontal and give it a data type lets say ‘card’

  • give the data source all ‘cards’ you want
  • add a button to make a new card, this will directly be visible in your RG

I have maybe kind of the same setup with an RG and it works well

The vertical stacks will also be a RG, so I should create a 1x1 Parent RG with data type as all cards. Then the individual Child RGs should be placed in this Parent RG?

This is my current setup 9SwTIQMByf

Setup seems good, but you could create the interest/applied/not a fit stack also in an RG.

So you create an RG with horizontal scrolling for the different stacks and in each stack a vertical rg for the cards.
I have maybe kind of the same thing (more netflix layout), but it is 90 degrees rotated

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