Host images and files in Wasabi

I am using Zeroqode @ZeroqodeSupport plugin - Wasabi

I did find it easy to let users to select files and then to upload it to the wasabi
but I didn’t find any way of how to save those files URL in my bubble db in order to use them
Or - how to show them back in the Bubble page

the thing is that if user upload images he should be the only one that can see them
So I found the way of how upload the images but didn’t find the way to present those images back in Bubble

I did some searces and didn’t find any video or tutorial
Thank you so much!!

Hi @amitshemla, thanks for your message.

To display the uploaded files on your page, you need to retrieve them back from the Wasabi storage. For that, please use the “Retrieve files” action:

And indicate a corresponding source on your element to display:

Depending on your use case setup, you can save file URL from a list of retrieved or uploaded files

Hope the provided hints will help. Also, check some workable setups on the plugin demo editor page: Appkit | Bubble Editor

Please check plugin page for more information on setup and required settings:

If there will be any other plugin-related questions, drop us a message on our forum, within the same thread.

Zeroqode Support Team

Thank you so much!
Still have small issues,
Loom sent also to the post - thank you so much

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