Hotel Report Date


I’m trying to create a hotel report but am completely stumped.

Here is the data fields I’m creating

Customer 1 Name
Check in date: October 5, 2018
Check out date: October 7, 2018

Customer 2 Name
Check in date: October 5, 2018
Check out date: October 7, 2018

On my hotel report, I would like to display something like this:

Month of October 2018
Total Room Nights: 4


October 5: 2 Nights
October 6: 2 Nights

Hi @mrcanngo - what logic are you using for the following, specifically showing “October 5” and “October 6”.

October 5: 2 Nights
October 6: 2 Nights

Is it supposed to be:
Customer 1 Name: 2 Nights
Customer 2 Name: 2 Nights

I have an app with dates and I threw together a Text element with the following to calculate the # of days:

So you’d have something similar - get the second date and subtract the first date from it (format in days)

I don’t have any logic that is able to pull up those dates. The best I was able to do was calculate the difference in dates in a list.

But ideally, I’d like the total number of dates in a give month AND a breakdown of how many room nights per day.

Thank you

For each User in the database, you’re storing the Check-in and Check-out dates, right? You simply need to look at the User’s Check-in/Check-out data fields and take the difference. If the Check-in/Check-out data is stored in another Data Type (ie “Hotel Visit”), then you’d need to do a search similar to my example above and pick the User (which should be a field in your Hotel Visit Data Type) a the criteria to select the correct dates.
Hopefully that makes sense.

Yes, i stored the check in and out dates. But how would i add up the total number of room nights in a repeated list?

Here is what i mean:

I can get it to show a list of total room nights on each line, but not a grand total.

Save each duration (ie a field called “Duration” as type “number”) and outside of your repeating group do a Search similar to below. For your app it’ll be something different than “Events” and “Duration”; it’ll be wherever you’re storing the # of nights. Then add “:sum” and you should be all set

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