Hotjar Identify API in Bubble

Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone’s using this Hotjar platform for user tracking but I’m trying to integrate it with bubble and having some issues adding user attributes.

So I’m supposed to add this code into Bubble’s HTML element.

And I added it but the user attributes are not showing.

If there’s anyone who’s using this who can help, please help me!

You can add the code in your app settings. Go to App Settings > SEO Metatags and past the code below Advanced Settings > Script/meta tags in header.

Other option, use Google Tag Manager.

It is not a tracking code, but needs to do something on a action? Then you need to fill also all fields. Everything is “null”

Hi @martijntenpas

Thanks for your reply! I had to add the tracking code as well in thee SEO Metatags and it stopped tracking when I add both tracking code and identify API code.

Are you using Hotjar as well to track user behavior?