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How are unit prices calculated?

Will I be charged per view, the amount of time users are on my app or does the price stay the same as long as my reserved unit does not overflow? Example - Lets say I build a video sharing app like YouTube or Twitch that allows users to watch videos & streams in top quality. And 1 reserved unit can only handle 100 users at once. Would I be fine with that 1 unit if 400 users were on that unit that day as long as no more than 100 users were on that unit all at once?

You are only charged what you commit to pay. It is up to you to determine if the number of units is sufficient to meet the demand on your application, by monitoring server usage. You would be best to look at API integration with a service like mux or vonage for video streaming.

I’ve been searching for a video hosting service, but they had too many rules.

Well they all have terms of service, but most of them will be on par with YouTube and bubble. basically anything below NSFW. What kind of content are you looking to host?

Freedom of expression video sharing platform that allows content creators to upload anything, even porn.

Just a heads up that this would be against bubbles terms, even if you used a third party video hosting provider.

I don’t see any rules against nudity / porn in the terms.

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