How are you doing on your bubble build?

Would love to see some of the bubble builds others are working out for some inspiration if you don’t mind sharing share a link to what you are working on in bubble!

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I have paired up with Dr Richard Malott to Creare this

As the companion app for this

I think the best part about this entire project is that the book already comes with an app. The issue is that you have to buy the e-book to get access to the app and most of the students aren’t buying the e-book but want the study app. It’s an issue with the publisher sucking. On the bright side, they gave the author permission to have anybody he wanted to create an app as a replacement for the issue of needing the e-book.

One of the features in the app is a way to email your study results. This author is going to have his students not be able to take weekly tests unless they have shown that they have studied a few times and attain a minimum score in the study app. He feels as if somebody who cannot get a good score while studying also shouldn’t go ahead and take a test just to get another bad score.

My end goal is to create some thing like Quizlet but specifically for this book. Then the idea would be to sell this idea to all the departments in the school that I graduated from.


Very very cool! great work!