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How bout a share feature that just gives me the link?

Maybe I’m missing something really obvious–wouldn’t be the first time–so excuse me if I’m off base here. But, can we please get an option to just copy the link when we share an app from the dashboard?

I do not need Bubble to define which ways I’m going to share the link, and it’s really really frustrating that I have to open up a whole other application just to get Bubble to output the link.

I didn’t ask for “the link to share as an embedded link in a social platform that I don’t use.” I only asked for the link, I did not ask for Bubble’s opinion on what I should do with it–especially when that opinion includes every option under the sun except: the link I asked for.

I don’t know who else is sharing, or why, but I consider my in-progress app–which is not ready for public viewing–a highly sensitive piece of information. That is the type of information that I usually send via text or DM–neither of which are options here :upside_down_face:

It is inexplicably frustrating when the share option does not produce a link, and instead forces me into another application to get the link there–nobody asked for that. And having all these social platforms pre-figured as “better solutions for me” makes it even more frustrating.

Thanks for all the work that goes into this incredible application, and hopefully my comments are seen as objective communications of my passionate response :in the smoke emoji wasn’t an option: