How can a field in a Data Type contain List of Groupings?

Hi, I’m following the great instructions from @eli to create a JSON on the backend (

The method tells to create a data type named “download” having some fields containing “list of” something. In my case “List of Transactions”.

Rather than working with a regular “List of Transactions”, I need to group them by client ID. When I try to “set list” feeding a list of grouped Transactions, I get the following error:

Screenshot 2024-03-03 alle 20.37.44

This means that the field in the database is set to receive a “List of Transactions” and doesn’t like a List of Grouped Transactions. Unfortunately when I try to set the field in the DB, there is no option “accept groupings”. I tried to set it as “text” but it doesn’t work either.

Does anybody have a suggestion? Thanks in advance,

Just in case anybody stumbles upon this thread: I wrote to the support and they replied that Bubble cannot store Lists of groupings. I guess I’ll create an intermediary Data Type to store groupings and then fill my table with lists of the intermediate type.

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