How can I add a company logo to my team

I am creating a management platform and when the user signs up they create their profile along with uploading their image.
I’d also like them to create their team (this will be their company name) and add the company logo.

I have been able to get current users profile image to display on my header but I cannot workout how to get the current teams logo to display so that the company logo is always showing.

Would anyone be able to help on how to assign the image to a team?

Hey Sean,

Here is what I will do:


  1. Team
    a. team name
    b. team logo
    c. list of users (select user database)
  2. Users
    a. Name
    b. Contact details
    c. Team (select team database, not a list)

User creation

  1. During signup, make sure there is a dropdown to select the correct team
  2. Step 1. Create new user workflow make sure to link the dropdown element to the user-team field.
  3. Step 2. add user to the list of user within team’s database.

Hope this will help you!

Ben Teo
PROTEUS-DT (Singapore)
Digitalise Through No-code

Hi Ben

It did a little however the I want it to run is that the admin will create the team “company” at sign up and then add members once they are signed in.
I have managed to get the team name to display but I can’t get the image to show


would you be able to share access? will love to help

Basically when you display the team logo, it should be:
current user > team > team logo

Ben Teo
PROTEUS-DT (Singapore)
Digitalise Through No-code