How can I add a functionality where user can add or remove a reusable group?

Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could first tell me if this is possible and two help guide me in the right direction if it is!

If you see the image above, I want to create a functionality where the user can do the following:

  1. The user can add a new item using the “Add Item button” which creates a duplicate, empty object like the one below.
  2. The user can delete an object that they added
  3. Once saved, the image, and the items contained within this overarching item is saved in the database.

Once saved, I want the end result to look like below.

Now I know im asking for a lot so I’m not expecting the COMPLETE answer to this (although that would be nice ;)) If you can at least inform me of what concepts I should learn, or similar examples that I can refer to, that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

You have to crate a 2 types on database (one for the image and other one to item) and make the link one image to a list of items. On screen for the items you have to add a repeating group that will show all the items linked with the current image.

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Great thank you so much! I’ll take a look at it and give it a shot.

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