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How can I add or create a directions/navigation option?

How do you incorporate navigation? I want to be able to create directions and/or navigate to a user selected location from the users current location when they click a “navigate” button. How do I do that?

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Unless you can get directions from something like blockspring, then it might be tricky.

Yes that’s an API request.

Or you can just embed this:

  frameborder="0" style="border:0"
  src="<your google maps key>&origin=<bubble's origin's formatted address>&destination=<bubble destination formatted address>">

Make sure to replace the three tags I included

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Wow ! I tried to get this to work, but fell foul of Google’s API complexity.

Sounds like a good thing to demo though.

I wonder what other things we can send to iFrames ?

So… 4 months later and I decided to try to get this to work for a real project …

Google API is still a nightmare to navigate, so I think I need to understand that more.

But I enabled the “Maps Embed API” and that seems to work.

In terms of addresses, “Current Position” goes into the Origin nicely, but my stored addresses wanted the +street+location+town style format, so I switched to lat/long which may be more accurate for what I want anyway.

Result !