How can I add the group focus inside of the parent group?


The layout of the page I’m working on is Column.
And I created a group parent (layout is align to parent).
Inside of the group parent I created another small group (as a dropdown).
The small group I positioned in the right top corner.
The I created a group focus under it and as it’s source I chose the small group.
Then I selected the small group and started a workflow, I chose element action, toggle and selected the group focus but when I went back to the design page the group focus was outside of the parent group and when I checked the tree elements, it wasn’t inside of it and I tried moving it inside of the group parent but it is fixated on the left top corner. I understand the page is a column and there for elements are stack on the top left corner of the page but I created the group focus inside of the parent group and I don’t know how to group together, how can I put this group focus inside of the group parent?

I attached an image so that you’ll know what I’m refering to.

The group focus can’t be putted inside parent group. no matter where you draw it, it always will separated from any parent and will be separated in the elements tree.
The focus group will work properly when you preview the app, and to see it under the small group in the editor just hide/show it by clicking on the small eye near it in the elements tree.

So you mean that if I hide the group focus in the elements tree that it will be shown under the small group in the canvas and in the preview as well it will be shown under the small group because I placed it under the small group? Thank you for your tips.
I’m using a group now, to toggle it, by the way do you know how to hide something when something is hidden or can you point out any tutorial for that?

for example I am toggling two groups, like if they were buttons, so when I click in first group the next group shows and then I click on this group and the final group shows . but when I click again the first group the second group hides but the third group is showing :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I tried using conditions, such ‘when this group isn’t visible’ ‘this element’…but there is no isn’t visible, there is ‘is visible’ instead. What I’m trying to say is that I didn’t see any suitable conditions to be able to hide the third group when the second group is hidden.