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How can I build learning product like coursera's guided projects?

what technologies I need an how can I integrate it with buuble?

What is a guided project? I just enrolled to this one and it seems to be a simple video, text, and a quiz. Nothing that native Bubble cannot handle.

As I remember, that’s a type of projects where students work in a cloud “desktop” during education.


how can I enable working in a cloud desktop by the users?

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I just checked out one of their courses. Is it always a google chrome browser that they’re embedding? Here’s what it looked like for me

If so, you might want to check out hyperbeam, will require some custom code to integrate but lets you embed virtual computers that you can run in the app

Yes I think it is always a google chrome browser that they’re embedding, may be it can be don using google cloud services but It may be need using bubble’s API connector, so I am trying to learn apout this blugin and the cloud services.
I will also try to learn about “hyperbeam”, thank you for sharing.