How can I call a url by sending parameters

Hello guys!

How does Bubble respond to a URL call where a parameter is provided? Does it have the capability to use this parameter to grant access, release resources, or perform specific actions, such as displaying pop-ups or redirecting the user?

All of the above… (but I wouldn’t recommend using URL parameters for granting access)

Absolutely URLS can do all the things listed above.
The main functionality you will be using is the datasource Get data from page URL. This function can extract the path or parameters from the URL.
Once you have extracted them, you can use conditions on Page Load workflows to activate any set of actions you’d like.
To release resource (if i’m understanding what you mean) is done by setting some extra privacy rules.

You can Grant access using URLs but its not advisable. It’s best to use the action `Send magic login link’. I’ve personally never used it as it could end up being a security nightmare.

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