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How can I can get users to remove votes using the same?

Hello guys, I need help with enabling users to upvote and remove their votes using the same button. I’ve already created a workflow for upvoting, but the workflow I created by removing the votes using only when formula isn’t working. Below is an attachment of the vote removing workflow. Thanks in advance.

Do you have the 2 actions under 1 event? If yes, it’s probably adding and immediately removing the vote.

I believe you have to have 2 events with the conditional on each event.

I created two events, the workflow for upvoting is working fine, but the workflow for removing of the votes work once and doesn’t work again. Also, is the only when formula correct?

Hey @mubaraqishola23,

exactly like rico stated, you need two events each with a condition that checks whether this user has upvoted this product before:

and here it is: (24)

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Thank you so much, I’ll give it a try.
Edit: It worked, the mistake I made was putting the only when condition in the create an event tab instead in the workflow tab. Thanks for your help.