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How can I change index order of repeating group

Hey, I am trying to show last cell’s image on the repeating group on first cell. How can I change index order when page loaded?

When you do your search for the RG source, you choose “sort by” and choose from the dropdown whatever makes sense

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Hey, thank your for your answer, I should be more cleaner, I have thing which is list of images, and I have another thing which is logo. I want to show logo on first cell, the others will be images. I used, :plus operators to connect with them, but logo shows up at the end of the repeating group. I want to show that on the first cell

Hi @yavuzcelalca,
I can’t access the Bubble editor at this moment to verify this, but maybe you could try
logo image => convert to list => add list with other images

Thank you for your answer @alanpieczonka
However, there is no such thing as " convert to list "

That’s because the Logo datatype can’t be converted to a list likely because it is it’s own datatype. If you select “'s file name” or “'s URL” then this option will be available.