How can i charge users on a per month basis instead of per day?

Hello everyone. I have an issue regarding on how to allow a user to book a listing through my marketplace website, and create a system around that.

Some background
My website’s goal is similar to AirBnb’s system of booking.
For example, if you want to book a hotel on airbnb, you can

  • select your date range based on how many days you want to stay
  • the website calculates (price per day) x (amount of days guest is staying) = total price, paid upfront

and from there, airbnb can pay the total amount, in full, to the guest credit card using braintree.

My Issue
Here is where my issue comes into play. My website’s goal is to charge a user monthly for a listing they want to book from a host, according to the amount of months they want to rent it for- instead of daily, as well as be charged on a monthly basis instead of the total amount up front.

I have stripe set up and connected, so there is no problem there.

So here is what I want to happen:

  • customer selects (either your date range or the number of months) based on how many months they need to use the hosts listing
  • the website calculates (either one of the 2 options, whichever method is easier to set up and use)…
    the (price per month) x (amount of months guest is using the host’s listing) = total price per month, paid per month.
    price per month is charged to the customers credit card until cancellation

So why am I having this issue

because when I make a text box to calculate the amount my website needs to charge the customer, I can only put this in the apprerance tab
Total price: End date’s value - start date’s value:format as days * Parent group’s listing’s price:formatted as $1028.58

where is says format as days, there is not an option to format by month, which would solve this problem.

how can I go about doing this?
any and all help is much appreciated
thank you, i will try to be as active as possible on this post.

TL;DR - I want to charge users on a monthly basis, not a daily basis, based on the selected # of months from a host’s listing.

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