How can I condense find and replace custom workflow steps

In the 6 months of building so far, I have solved all my issues with the help of this forum (a huge thank you!) and with the Fast Start Course provided by @romanmg (highly recommended), but now I’m stuck.

My soon to be beta app ( allows users to create customers. A series of some 20 events are then created from templates to provide a drip sequence of emails, texts, letters and voice calls.

My issue is personalizing these events. Currently I am utilizing find and replace. Replacing words and phrases with data from the customer record.

I’m triggering a custom event the first time the repeating group containing the events is loaded. Only one find and replace at a time works, so there are over 20 steps. The workflow works fine but takes way to long - 60 to 90 seconds as I process 20 events times 20 steps.

I have tried an API workflow but it chokes out with a max capacity warning with only 5 find and replace items - even though I have a Professional Plan (standard capacity).

Some forum threads have suggested custom events or JavaScript may help by condensing 20 steps into one - any suggestions gratefully considered - please note that I am not a programmer, but a proud bubbler!

Hi @peter8, I’m so glad to hear the Fast Track course has been helpful! It sounds like you’ve discovered an inefficient structure here. With that many steps times X number of events, I’m not surprised it bottlenecks somewhere.

I would still take this to API Workflows, but with a different approach. I assume you’re running the Schedule an API Workflow on a List action? Try using a recursive flow so that Bubble processes one Record at a time. It may still take a little while to get through them all, but the trade-off is a reliable workflow - no maxing out. It’ll only use as much capacity is needed to process one thing at a time.

Having said this, I’m not sure what your actions look like. It’s possible that a solution is re-working those too (or only those). If you’re comfortable sharing some screenshots or extra details about your setup, I’m happy to help.

I’m also happy to get on a one-on-one coaching session with you so we can work through this together on a live call.

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Thanks for the advice @romanmg - I’ll try using adding recursive flows to the API Workflows as a first step.

In trying to find a solution I came across this from @mente12 - any way I could incorporate his tips to speed things up?

I’ve been able to string multiple find and replace operations on the same text value many times before. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the initial problem? Are you not able to do:

Text’s value :find and replace :find and replace :find and replace etc?

No, not able to: Text’s value :find and replace :find and replace :find and replace .

Tried find and replace on a repeating group and now by “search for” selecting the individual templates.

Beginning to get a little disheartened :frowning: as I seem so close, yet …