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How can I create a blank new app?

Hello Bubble Forums,

I am trying to find out how to create a new app without all the demo content. Every time I create a new app I get basic demo content and pages and things that distract me from what I am trying to build from the ground up, and I can’t find any way to completely wipe all those extra pages and functions from the app so that I can build every interface and interaction from scratch.

I was able to work from a blank canvas in the training lessons but I cannot find a way to bypass all the fluff content in the actual create an app interface.

Please let me know how I can create a new app with no demo content in it whatsoever.


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We’re going to add a feature to wipe the content of the index page, as users ask for it, but in the mean time, just

  1. do ctrl + a to delete all the elements of the page
  2. remove the style of the page and make the background’s style to none.

That’ll do it.

I think having the option to bypass all the demo content would be very useful.
It took me several minutes to figure out that there is no way of starting from scratch.

We just added this feature when you create a new app, in the assistant.

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