How can i create a custom profile page for each user that signs up?

I am in the process of creating an app where you can find people using a unique page that users automatically get created when they sign up. I have created 2 different data-options for signing up (option A and option B), and to make my systems work, it is not enough to have 1 kind of unique page, but also a ‘unique page A’ and a ‘unique page B’. However, I have already made the different pages using slugs and custom URL’s etc. The problem is just that when I go to the custom account page and write some dynamic text (for example ‘Current page-Unique page’s-Full name’ (its called ‘Unique page’ because that was the data system I made for the unique page)), it doesn’t work and no text appears when I test it with a test-account I’m logged in with. What should I do?