How can I create a single large click target for icon and text?

See below. As I hover over it the Bubble inspector shows me the text element or the icon element or the containing group element depending on where my cursor is.

I’d like to make the group element the only clickable element and place the icon and text behind it. That way I have one large touchable/clickable element and just one workflow to manage.

Put another way, I feel like I want just a single element, but I have had to construct a composite element by combining a text element, an icon element, and a group to combine them and keep them together.

I tried bringing the containing group to the front, but my cursor still detects the elements behind it when I hover over them.

Hope that all makes sense.

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 5.10.54 PM

You just need to group the icon and text element in a group. The only workflow you’d have would be from the group. That way regardless if the user hovers over the icon, text, or group the same workflow would run.

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Thanks! I’ll try that now.

(You may have to override the style of the group to be invisible, ie “none” background and “none” borders)