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How can I create a timer on a slider?

Hi How can I create a timer on a slider, that counts down and triggers an action at the end?

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Interesting. There might be some more elegant way to do it, but there are count down plugins like this one below. If you coupled that with a custom state connected to a slider and the countdowns value - you might have what you want.

Thanks Lindsay. I did have a go at the countdown plug-in. I do like it.
The issue I’m finding hard to get my head around is that the slider has variables i.e. 20 , 30, 60 mins etc and I attempting to communicate those variable increment times to the countdown.
Then send an instruction to end once the countdown has completed.
I’m pretty new to Bubble. I’m getting there

Yeap we’ve all been there :slight_smile: Read up on custom states (to dynamically set the slider position), and workflow events. (that timer plugin fires a workflow event when it completes)

If you want to accelerate your learning curve consider mentoring -


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That great advice. Thank you Lindsay. I’ll try exploring the custom states, if unsuccessful then I’ll look into some mentoring. That you for your support. All the best Richard

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Hi Richard,
I saw the booking - I live in NZ (GTM +12) so 1-3am NZ time is not great for me :slight_smile:
What time zone are you in? I can do early morning and later evening but 1am is too much!

  1. I am unable to find a way of having only one sound play at a time.
  • the answer to this is probably a custom state and conditionals
  1. I cannot make the time-slider work in a way i would like
  • not sure would have to have a look.

I’ve already spoken to John @ NCM about needing timezone info.

If there is no convenient time with me in NZ I can recommend someone else to you. :slight_smile:

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Hi Lindsay

I’ve just received this.
Its 8 in the morning in the UK.

To be honest I can do anytime that suits you.

Let me know a good time for you

Best Richard

Hi Lindsay
Also to add I am still currently on the no-subscription version of
I would like to ensure my app idea can work before I commit to a full subscription.

Let me know if this can still work as I know some of the features are limited on the free version.


Hey @richard.bundy!

@lindsay_knowcode knows his stuff! His comments are on point. This slider things sounds like a good practice project for me this week! Why are sliders so dang difficult to work with here?

Re: Slider
The thing is I can imagine how it should work in my head but not in the programming.