How can I create an "edit" page?

I have a view_driver page (it has various fields for the Driver thing). When the user clicks the edit icon the workflow takes him to the edit_driver page (screen shot below).

I cloned this page from the view_driver page.

What do I need to do to the edit_driver page to allow the fields to be editable?

rather than text have inputs, set the initial content to be the same as what you have in each of your existing text elements.

  • drop down an input.
  • set initial content to be say for the name, this driver’s name.
  • make sure you setup appropriate settings such as this field must not be empty, text, decimal, date so on.
  • ok button should them modify the current drivers record. unless you want to get adventurous you can turn on auto binding and forgo the ok or save button.

Hi Jarrad, many thanks for the clear explanation.
I now have the first part working (i.e. using an input element instead of text).
But I haven’t got the OK /check button working.

Here’s my workflow:

Step 1 is:

What happens is that the modified data doesn’t get saved (it doesn’t show when I go to view_driver).
Any ideas?

You need to use the “Change another field” button to specify which fields on Current Page Driver you want to update. Took me a while to figure that out, too :slight_smile:

Thanks - that worked. I guess it makes sense; I just need to get my head around to thinking in a certain way!

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