How can I create dropdowns with City/States/Provinces?

I’m targetting a single country, I just need a dropdown where I can choose the province and from that province info it will populate a dropdown with the cities. I have searched extensively and can’t find a solution for this. Is there a a Google API call or something?

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Is this difficult to achieve? Why is no one able to answer this question?

@reeceb hi!

Here is an open source geodatabase that I usually use for this kind of work: GeoNames

For example, for the US it displays zip codes in relation to places in relation to counties in relation to countries. So you could create a type called “Places” and add the fields “Name” and “County Name”. Upload the csv file for the target country into your app data for “Places”. Then you should have a great lookup source to refer your dropdown list to.

Would that work for you?

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