How can i define this key for my API?

Hi i am trying to integrate a payment solution API in my APP.

This is the key i have to write

This is what i am trying

I have tried keys:
tax_settings or tax_settings_cl_activity_description but the error i get is this

I am trying to get them to send me a JSON example of the POST i am trying to do so i can manually enter the JSON body but i was wondering if anyone knows how to solve this.


Have you tried to write the JSON object in the Body field?

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I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure key is just: cl_activity_description
Also unchecking the private checkbox will help :v:

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I tried it but it’s expecting a “tax_settings”


don’t forget to set the header: Content-type with value to application/json


It ain’t working either i am waiting for the provider to send me a an example to copy the JSON.

THANKS!!! I think it is working now

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