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How can i display and match the photo and name which is uploaded dynamically

How can I set a dynamic page where companies can register to show a profile page of that company

How can I set a section on the profile page Where I can show that company’s team members photo and names should be displayed.

How will I connect the names with photos correctly and dynamically in that page.

How is the data types should be set so that the photo of the team member should match his name and it should be shown dynamically

Thank you

You need one data type “company” and another one “team members”. On the company data type simple add a field called “team members” (List of team members").

Then you create a “company page” that displays the company - data type “company”.
There you place a RepeatingGroup with data type “team members” (Data source: this company’s team members"

On the team members data type you set all the info you need to be displayed for the team members: examples: Name - text, Role - text, ProfilePicture - image …

The same you do for the company.

PS: Watch some YouTube Videos there you will find all the basics and can learn them fast.

Great, Thanks for the information

Now i understand how to display the data

How can I collect that data. I mean when a company comes and fills up the form the no. Of team members of that particular company is different when compared to another company

So when an user comes how can I set up the form in a way that i can save the multiple team members data.

For eg. ComapnyA has 5 team members so if I put the form in a way that I have 5 image uploader and 5 text box. I don’t think that works well in creating a new data on my database

When company B comes and they have 8 team members how can they add the input field from 5 to 8 according to users choice.

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