How Can I Display Item Title(Quantity) form in Repeating Group?

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I tried to figure out this but couldn’t do it.

I have set main data like below.

I want Basket’s list to be shown in a RG.

With the setting, it first shows a list of Basket Item’s Title first, then their quantity at the end.

LIke This

item1, item2, item3, item4, item5, 1,1,3,2,1

But I want Basket Items to be shown in a Repeating Group like Basket Item Title(Quantity)

So, Item1(1), item2(1), item3(3), item4(2), item5(1)

How can I make it happen??

I set the Repeating Group to show baskets that all customers created. So I don’t want to mess up its main function to show all customer’s basket.

Thank you for reading!

Add a RG inside your RG that will use data source Current cell Basket’s Basket items

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Hi, @Jici

I set like below.

But It doesn’t work. Even I created a Basket, Basket Items don’t show up in the RG.

What should I do?

In your Screenshot, I don’t see element to display your RG Basket Items data. Did you add this? (Text element for example)

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OMG @Jici

You solved my problem!!
Thank you so much!!! :sob: :joy:
The problem drove me crazy for two days and
I couldn’t think RG inside RG.
It is like Russian nesting dolls: matryoshka.

Thank you very much!!

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