How can i display pictures by clicking a text?

Hello, i am new to bubble so please i hope you could explain in good detail please , and sorry to ask what may seem an obvious question.

1- User hovers a button
2- something becomes visible that displays names of people like this under the button

name name name
name name name
name name name

3- Then user is able to click one of these names and is able to view a specific photo of this person.

Any way to do this?? , sorry for asking for so much. Hope someone can help! thank you in advance!!


The Bubble tutorials would really help you with this. They are short and I encourage you to do most of them.

The general approach will be to create the hover box and set it’s text. Then make it invisible and set a conditional that will show it when the button is hovered. Then when a name is clicked have a workflow that sets the state of an image box to the location of the image.

Easily doable.

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