How can I do operations with things inside a list

Hello everybody! :pray:

Basically I want to perform operations with each record in my RG.

Eg.: I have PRODUCT A with PRICE $50 and PRODUCT B with PRICE $100 and I want to multiply all their values ​​by one FACTOR.

(These operations can be more complex, referencing different fields of the RG, but this is the basis of the problem.)

How would you tackle this problem?

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Hey @NetoCamarano

Do you just want to change how they would look like in the UI? (not changing their real values in the DB) or do you also want to change their value in the DB?

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Hello @ntabs !

I also need to change the values in the DB

Is the “factor” dynamic? There’s a couple of ways to go about it. Here are some ways that I could think of:

If the “factor” is static:

add a button within the cell of the RG and if that button is clicked, you could set the workflow to be “When this button is clicked, make changes to current cell” You then add the field that you wish to change, and run your operations there.

Example: Product A price = This product’s price * 10

For the dynamic, it’s the same concept but you’d either need to add a dropdown or an input field within the cell and set the operations to refer to that input’s value.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ntabs

Actually it is a dynamic value and also it is not associated with just one cell.

When i change this dynamic value i want it to multiply all rows of my related db.

Factor = 2

Product A - Price $10 * factor = New price $20
Product B - Price $30 * factor = New price $60
Product C - Price $15 * factor = New price $30
… continue

Got it. If that’s the case, you can just do the “Make changes to a list of things”

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